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Saint Martin

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Diving & Main Attractions

Take a day ashore and follow the foot trail along the windward coast, through banana and coconut plantations, to La Soufriére volcano, or on the leeward side. Trinity Falls can be reached by following the trail from Richmond. Forest walks, sports fishing, horseback riding, rendezvous diving, island tours are also some attractions on the islands. Come and discover these unspoiled landscapes, rich culture & beautiful beaches!

New Guinea Reef: A black coral paradise. A profusion of soft corals decorate the entire area and sea horses drift lazily through the scene.

Bottle Reef: Shoals of fish swim through a coral garden littered with antique gin and rum bottles tossed down from the English fort which overlooks the site.

The Forest: Swim amid giant gorgonians 6 to 10 feet tall.

Mesopotamia Valley: The panoramic view offered here is probably unsurpassed in the Caribbean. The richly fertile valley is thickly planted with banana, nutmeg, cocoa, coconut, breadfruit and root crops - eddoe, tannia and dasheen. Mountain ridges rise all around, Grand Bonhomme dominating at 3,181 ft. Rivers and streams come together at Mesopotamia to tumble down to the sea over the rocks of the Yambou Gorge.

Owia Salt Pond: The Owia Salt Pond is located on the north eastern coast of St Vincent close to the Carib village of Owia, a two hour drive along the scenic eastern coast of St Vincent. Along the way you can see the Rabacca Dry River (ash flow from the 1902 eruption of La Soufriére), Black Point Tunnel (dug by the British in 1815 using slave labour) and some of the best black sand beaches in the world. Owia is home to many of the indigenous people of St Vincent. Be sure to take a dip in the famous Salt Pond

Trinity Falls: Trinity Falls can be reached by following the trail from Richmond on the leeward side of St Vincent. The 45-minute hike will reward you with a magnificent spectacle - a triple waterfall where clear mountain waters cascade over 100 feet to create a huge whirlpool. A dip in this giant 'jacuzzi' is an unforgettable experience

Falls of Baleine: Further up the leeward coast from Trinity Falls are the spectacular Falls of Baleine where the waters plunge down a sheer drop of 60 feet to a pool below. The falls can be reached by overland trek but the best and most popular way is by boat from Kingstown or one of the fishing villages on the island's west coast

Vermont Nature Trails: The Vermont Nature Trails provide another opportunity for hikers and bird watchers to explore the flora and fauna of the rain forest. The trails start in the Buccament Valley. Here the majesty of the rain forest really comes alive. Massive trees, draped in vines with canopies of vibrant greens contrast with open areas where you might spot red-capped green tanager, cocoa thrush, crested humming birds, black hawks, or the rare St Vincent parrot

The Grenadines

The Grenadines are similarly blessed with magnificent beaches, interesting walks and spectacular views. Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Palm Island, Petit St Vincent and Union Island can all be reached by scheduled ferries, private hire boats or local air services.

* Info. courtesy of The St. Vincent Tourism Board

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