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Do I need a passport or visa to travel?

To enter the US Virgin Islands, US citizens do not need a visa, but will need one for the BVIs (it must be valid for another six months from date of entry). For people from other countries of origin, visas can be required - consult with the tourist board. Speak to us before your trip to make sure you have the right documentation.=answer Will I be able to have Internet?

At Compass Point Marina, there is no Wi-Fi connection, and although some yachts have Wi-Fi on board, it will not function until within range of a cell tower in the BVIs  To hotspot, connect a foreign kit to your mobile phone account with your provider. In some cafes and Wi-Fi hotspots, there is internet access, but you may need to pay.=answer What regulations are there?

All sunscreens containing 'Toxic Os' (oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene) have been forbidden from being manufactured, marketed and distributed by the USVIs as they cause harmful bleaching to coral reefs. Anyone caught using a non-approved sunscreen will be fined $1,000 as of January 1, 2020.

Bare Republic, which you can buy at our office, is one of the most famous sunscreen brands here in St . Thomas. All Fine, Babo, Badger, Raw Elements, Manda, Kokua Sun Care, Mama Kuleana, Raw Love, Think Sport, Sea & Summit, and Stream2Sea are other reef-safe brands.

Please note, on-board spray sunscreens are strictly prohibited due to the boat's discoloration over time. Avoid those with self-tanners or bronzers in the Coppertone items as they can damage the boat.

Night sailing is not permitted under the USVIs and BVIs. We're asking you to settle for a mooring by 5pm. For information and regulations on mooring, anchoring and fishing, please visit the park's website if you are sailing in St. John National Park. There is a self-registration charge for overnight anchoring or mooring between the hours of 5pm and 7am. Prior to spending the night, overnight charges must be paid at one of the station rafts. 

What can you tell me about sailing conditions in the USVI?

Sailing the Virgin Islands is the perfect way to discover in the USVIs and BVIs the peculiar individuality of each island. It puts you in charge of your own itinerary, from charming coves, beach parties or bountiful marine life, so you can make the most of new discoveries.

The sailing conditions of the Virgin Islands include easy passages that fit all experience levels, particularly novice sailors. Most of the year, you will find gentle and almost steady winds, calm seas at 3 to 4 feet and line of sight navigation.

The wind systems of the Virgin Islands include the November-June trade wind season and the popular December/January Christmas winds, which can keep you going for several days. In the BVIs, winds are mostly from the east or northeast, depending on the time of year, and when the winds are lighter, the sailing area is less crowded. Groundswells can occur after especially strong winds between December and March, so be careful.

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