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Arrival & Customs

The base in Martinique is located in the South of the Island. From the USA, you can fly with American Airline via San Juan to Martinique. There is one airport in Martinique, Lamentin Internacional Airport, south of Fort de France.

To clear Martinique customs, everyone should have a passport and a return ticket. (Also, upon your departure, you will need $11 cash for each person returning to the states, paid at the airport for Martinique departure taxes, so don't spend all your cash!)

After you clear customs, you will find taxi drivers waiting just outside the exit.

Provisions & Beverages

It is possible to self provision as there are numerous stores within 10 minutes from the base. Shops open 9am-12pm then 3pm-5.30pm Monday to Saturday, although a few larger supermarkets stay open until 7pm. The majority of shops are closed on Sundays. However, supermarkets are open 9am-12pm.

Clothing & Luggage

As space is limited on boats (and airplanes!) please pack light and use easily storable duffel bags. Casual wear is appropriate everywhere in Martinique. Be sure to bring a jacket/sweater/sweatshirt or rain slicker, for the occasional cool evening or windy weather. Good boat shoes with non-slip soles are a must.


The Windward Islands have a wet and a dry season. During the dry season (February to June) there are weeks of clear sunny weather, broken only occasionally by a shower. The wet season (July until January) still provides a lot of sunshine, but also more frequent showers with occasional rainy days. The temperature seldom varies from 25C to 30C (78F to 85F).


The euro is the island currency. Hotels, larger restaurants and car-rental agencies accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Banks open weekdays from 7.30am-4pm. There are banks and a cashpoint machine based in Marin.

Marina Facilities

The Marinas facilities include showers/toilets, re-fuelling dock, water, restaurant and bar.

Boarding / Departure

Your yacht will be ready at 1800 hrs for boarding. Please be aware that the yacht and chart briefings will be arranged on your arrival. At the end of your charter your yacht will need to be vacated by 0900 hrs so we recommend that you return to the base the day before.

Fuel & Water

Upon boarding your charter boat will have a full tank of diesel fuel and water. We recommend that you purchase drinking water and use the water onboard for bathing. You can generally purchase more water at marinas, but they do charge you by the gallon, so use water sparingly. Please return your charter boat full of fuel and water.


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Map of Martinique

Country info: Martinique

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