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What regulations are there?

Sailing is restricted to daylight hours in the lagoons of French Polynesia and you must stay anchored between sunset and sunrise.

In the case of a one-way Papeete charter, the approved sailing area stretches around the islands of Raiatea, Taha'a, Bora Bora, Huahine and Maupiti to the Leewards, as well as Tahiti and Moorea. No shelter or a stopover in Tupai is possible. Mopelia has no mobile phone network coverage at all, and in the Tuamotu region it is very small. Please inform our base in advance if you intend to navigate these islands.

An exceptional location, but also fragile, is Polynesia. The waters are clear around the island and noise is low. The ocean is used by many of the local residents as their primary food source. Therefore, it is very important that all tourists cruising the Tahitian Islands do their utmost to safeguard the undersea ecosystem so that Tahiti's future remains healthy. Please do not anchor where you candamage coraland do not pick any live shells or coral. Take care of your waste and be careful not to interrupt nature. Keep away from dolphins 100ft and away from a whale 160ft (330ft if it has a calf).

It is not advised to catch and consume reef fish. There are areas in the lagoon that are polluted with ciguatera, a toxin produced by microscopic algae that makes it difficult to consume fish. In markets,the fish sold is good for eating.

Tourists should not wear bathing suits in the villages, so when in the villages or near locals, keep a t-shirt and shorts handy.


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