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Do I need a Sailing License to Charter a Bareboat?

The skipper of a yacht is solely responsible at all times for the safety of the crew and the yacht. Most destinations need only the required experience shown by a sailing resume. For charters in the Mediterranean, it is mandatory that you possess a sailing license recognized in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, and Turkey. Other destinations that require a license include Seychelles, Thailand, and Brazil. For Belize, the port authority will issue a certificate of competency and an application is made on arrival. You must take with you on your charter your evidence of competence and original certificate. Until booking, we advise you to contact our team about your credentials and the destination criteria. You confirm by accepting the yacht contract that you and/or your crew members are willing and competent to sail the yacht under the charter conditions and cruising area. We reserve the right not to hand over the yacht if the charterer is of the opinion, after inspection, that it is not or may not be competent to be responsible for the vessel.

Why book with Tropical Yachts?

Tropical Yachts has access to every boat available worldwide. Your sales agent will diligently search for the ideal boat, base on your specific needs, budget, optional dates, etc. At Tropical Yachts we only work with the most reputable yacht owners and local managers in order to bring you the highest quality of yachts available and the greatest variety of services. Not any destination will do when seeking a yacht chartering experience that will fulfill your most intimate desire for excellent sailing, turquoise waters, virgin tropical sandy beaches and islands, culture, majestic fauna and flora, and great selection of quality yachts. Itís not just about a sailing vacation, itís about the sailing experience, and we are happy to share our experience with you in order to help you plan your vacation. Click Here to read more on Why Us

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your charter, cancellation fees will apply: If Charterer cancels the contract more than 120 days prior to original embarkation, Tropical Yachts is entitled to withhold Ä 500 / $ 600 and return the remainder of the deposit. If Charterer cancels between 119 to 60 days before original charter start, Charterer will lose its 30% deposit. If Charterer has already paid for add-on options, Tropical Yachts will reimburse Charterer for these expenses. If Charterer cancels 59 days or less before the original charter start, Charterer will lose the entire charter fee paid to date. If Charterer has already paid for add-on options, Tropical Yachts will reimburse Charterer for these expenses, unless cancellation occurs within seven days of departure. If within seven days, payment for add-on options will not be refunded. Charterer has the option to purchase travel insurance to cover any losses Charterer may sustain if the charter is cancelled prior to your departure.

Do I need insurance?

We highly recommend you arrange travel insurance in case you need to cancel for an unexpected reason to cover non-refundable deposits. Please make sure you have personal travel insurance that covers sailing. We will insure the vessel throughout the charter with first-class insurers against all risks, to provide permission to charter as under contract terms and to cover third-party liability. You can choose one of the following options: 1 Security Deposit: This varies on the size of the boat and when the boat is returned without damage it is refunded. 2 Damage Waiver: The charterer agrees to pay a non-refundable damage waiver at the time of booking, as well as a reduced damage deposit on embarkation that is refundable upon completion of the charter should no damage occur. Click Here to read more on Travel Insurance


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