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Day 1– Le Marin, Martinique

Fort de France, the island's commercial centre and principal city is well worth a visit, while Anse D'Arlet is a popular, photogenic anchorage. Scenic highlights include the peaks of Carbet and Mont Pelée, a dormant volcano and the highest mountain on the island, plus trail upon trail through legendary tropical rainforest. But wherever you explore, you’re likely to discover croissants and baguettes to remind you that you’re in a corner of the Caribbean that is unmistakably French. The island’s large harbour Le Marin and its many marinas have made Martinique a major sailing destination.

Day 2– Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Leave early in the morning for Rodney Bay in St. Lucia and take care crossing the channel, as it may require visual navigation. Spend the night in Marigot Bay, where anchorage off the shore is recommended.

Day 3– Soufrière, St Lucia

Sail easily along the west coast of St. Lucia up to the pretty village of Soufrière. Walk through the city and the botanical garden, drive to the waterfalls, the hot springs and the volcano. Spend the night at Deux Pitons.

Day 4– Bequia, Grenadines

Take the day to cruise down to Bequia, the entrance to the Grenadines and a former whale hunters’ island. Anchor in Admiralty Bay, facing the capital city of Port Elizabeth. Celebrate happy hour and have a leisurely dinner in one of the nearby restaurants.

Day 5– Petit Nevis, Grenadines

Once customs formalities are done, do not leave without completing this step, sail towards Petit Nevis where the fishermen used to flense the whales. Then sail to Mustique, the “Jet Set” island.

Day 6– Mustique, Grenadines

Explore Mustique in the morning. After lunch, head to Mayreau and anchor at Salt Whistle Bay, a calming beach with swaying coconut trees.

Day 7– Tobago Cays

Cruise toward the renowned Tobago Cays, an itinerary highlight. With their glittering cobalt waters and white sand beaches, this location is ideal for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing.

Day 8– Union, Grenadines

After about an hour of sailing, stop over at Union, the capital of the Grenadines. Spend the night on Palm Island.

Day 9– ST Vincent

Cruise to St. Vincent and anchor for the night at Cumberland Bay or Wallilabou Bay, where the movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed.

Day 10– Martinique

Make your last long sail towards Martinique, anchoring at St. Anne or at Club Med.

Day 11– Back to base

Make you way back to base at Le Marin.


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