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Tahiti, Tahiti & French Polynesia

Suggested 7 day Cruising Program

Explore untouched visions of paradise on a French Polynesia bareboat charter holiday. Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia’s exotic islands offer a majestic destination of unrivalled tropical beauty. Balmy trade winds carry you between exquisite coral reefs, shimmering lagoons and deserted white sand atolls, while spells of open-water sailing take you to lush Polynesian islands. From the vanilla-scented shores of Taha’a to romantic Bora Bora, this far-flung sailing paradise is destined to put you under its enchanting spell.

Day 1: Apooiti Marina

Today you'll launch from our base at Apooiti Marina, skirting the scenic coast of Raiatea for Motu Taoru. Enclosed within a barrier reef and backed by lush, looming mountains, Raiatea is known as the 'sacred isle' as it used to be the religious centre of Polynesia. Sail past ancient temples and glimpse petroglyphs carved in basaltic stones along the coast. The rich lagoon of Motu Taoru is filled with iridescent tropical fish, so don your flippers and enjoy excellent snorkelling and diving.

Day 2: Motu Taoru To Ha'amene Bay

Cruise the short distance between Raiatea and its little sister island, Taha'a. Navigate carefully between the coral reef and Taha'a into Ha'amene Bay, where you can take a mooring or anchor for the night. Visit one of the black pearl farms or hike into the mountains to enjoy breathtaking views across the South Pacific. Discover Ha'amene Bay. Visit the Vainilla House where the raw beans are processed before being exported. The smell is incredible

Day 3: Ha'amene Bay to Motu Tautau

Sail away from long, finger-like Ha'amene Bay, skirting the pristine beaches and isolated bays along the southern coast of Taha'a towards Motu Tautau. Tucked inside the secluded Taha'a lagoon, Motu Tautau faces the lush island of Taha'a on one side and lovely Bora Bora on the other.

Day 4: Motu Tautau to Motu To'opua

Tahaa is a beautiful, mountainous island known for its many vanilla plantations ensconced in valleys. It is very similar in nature to Huahine in terms of agriculture and the laid-back ambience. Haamene Bay cruising brings you to the largest protected body of water on the island. The pristine, shallow waters around Motu Tautau are filled with colourful coral gardens. Drop anchor and enjoy a picnic lunch on board your yacht, then snorkel amidst the spectacular array of marine species. Dive beneath the shimmering turquoise waters of the 'valley of eagle rays' and swim with these majestic creaturesDive the life-rich coral reef that fringes Motu To'opua's tropical shores, then enjoy a picnic lunch on deck under the golden sun.

Day 5: Motu To'opua to Bora Bora

The dreamy island of Bora Bora is just a quick hop from Motu To'opua. Strewn with lush tropical slopes and perfect white sand beaches and encircled by a necklace-like coral reef, famous Bora Bora is your perfect get-away-from-it-all daydream come true. Tiny islets with tropical beaches lapped by turquoise waters are scattered along the reef, while ancient Polynesian temples are hidden in the lush jungles. Dive the magnificent reef or arrange a shark feeding dive to see lemon, reef or hammerhead sharks in action.

Day 6: Bora Bora to Apu Bay

Opoa Bay and its surrounding lands are steeped in history. The lagoon was once a major staging area for long-distance Polynesian voyages that led to the settlement of New Zealand and the establishment of the Maori. The sea was integral to Polynesian culture, and thus it is no surprise that the Polynesians would build a major religious center at Opoa because of the area's great importance as a port. Faaroa Bay in particular was a key location due to its protection from most wind directions. Today, a small village is on the shores of the bay, and there are vanilla plantations inland. Opoa Bay Raiatea yachting is a must during your cruise of the Tahitian Leeward Islands.

Day 7: Apu Bay to Apooiti Marina

Use the final day of your Tahiti bareboat holiday to make the glorious journey from Apu Bay to Apooiti Marina. Sail north, minding the coral dotted between Taha'a and Raiatea before mooring at our Raiatea base. Set off early and enjoy more time on beautiful Raiatea, or take it easy and explore the lovely corals and reefs along the way.


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