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The Sea of Cortez spans more than 700 miles, but the typical Baja sailing itinerary concentrates on a much smaller area, starting from La Paz 137 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. The city of La Paz is itself a destination with varied attractions including museums, a performing arts theater, historic sites, numerous shops, and a delightful selection of small, intimate cafes and restaurants. Beyond the harbor is a hinterland of remote mountains and desert indented with snug coves and bays where the snorkeling is superb and the pristine white-sand beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Deserted islands dot the waters and provide a habitat for rare species of plants and animals. Observing dolphins, whales, and manta rays is a common occurrence (January through April) while you're enjoying a leisurely sail in balmy fair winds.

Day 1: Isla Espiritu Santo

Begin your charter with some breathtaking underwater scenery by snorkeling at the rocky western shore of Isla Espiritu Santo at Punta Prieta or the southern point at Ensenada de la Dispensa. Drop anchor at Caleta Partida or Ensenada Grande overnight and relax.

Day 2: Isla Partida

Swim with sea lions in a natural habitat by sailing to Los Islotes at the northwest tip of Isla Partida. You can moor your dinghy at the national park's buoys on the island's northern and southern shores. In the southwest, dive at El Bajito to be among tropical fish and then head to San Evaristo, a quaint fishing village, to overnight at a protected anchorage.

Day 3: Nopolo

Sail to Nopolo, anchor in the northern or southern lobes of Nopolo and use your dinghy to explore isolated fishing villages. You'll be protected from northerly winds and free to explore this tranquil retreat.

Day 4: Puerto de Gato

Head to Puerto de Gato and while its anchorage is a bit limited, you'll find stunning diving and snorkeling while surrounded by red rock formations and white sand beaches.

Day 5: Puerto Escondido

Find cave paintings, ample anchorage and snorkeling at Bahia Agua Verde, which is a remote fishing village. Puerto Escondido is also nearby, where you can spend the night. Pick up fuel and water, and provisions are just a taxi ride away in Loreto.

Day 6: Del Carmen

Plan a visit to the southern point of Del Carmen Island and Danzante Island too. After a full day, sail back to Bahia Agua Verde for the night.

Day 7: San Cosme Island

Eat a hearty breakfast and make your way to San Cosme Island to spend the day there. Cruise south and stay overnight at Puerto Los Gatos, which will protect you from the northwesterlies.

Day 8: Amortajada

Make your way to the anchorage at Amortajada, on the southwestern tip of Isla San Jose. Spot egrets and herons while kayaking through the mangroves to the main lagoon.

Day 9: Isla San Francisco

Find the picture-perfect cove of Isla San Francisco with white sand beaches with a backdrop of shimmering sea and red rock-lined shorelines. This popular anchorage boasts some of the best hiking, snorkeling, fishing, and beaches in the region. Although it's popular the bay accommodates plenty of boats, and has a good holding ground.

Day 10: Ensenada Grande

After sunrise, sail to Ensenada Grande and enjoy swimming in its turquoise waters or stroll its white sand beaches. Explore its rocky shoreline underwater or hike ashore. On Isla Espiritu Santo, you'll find a trail at the southern end of Bahia San Gabriel beach links you to yet another white sand paradise.

Day 11: Cardenal, Isla Espiritu Santo

Don't miss exploring Cardenal and Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo with high visibility underwater for snorkeling adventures before returning for another night at Ensenada Grande.

Day 12: Puerto Ballena

Cruise around Puerto Ballena, stopping at Ballena Island, Gallo Island, and Gallina Island, which all sit in well-protected turquoise waters.

Day 13: Puerto Balandra

With another white sand beach and shimmering blue water, Puerto Balandra is a wonderful playground for any snorkeler, hiker, or kayaker. It's also home to the famous mushroom-shaped rock formation "El Hongo" and inland salt lagoon.

Day 14: Back to base

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