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A Costa Brava sailing itinerary takes you to the stunningly beautiful Natural Reserve of Cabo de Creuss, the beautiful creeks of Cala Montgo, Aiguablava, Giberola, La Guillola, Cala Culip & Cala Galladera, the Medes Islands which are famous for their diving spots and to wonderful village in the Bay of Cadaquès. Swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on pristine beaches is delightful. These are among the many pleasures you will enjoy while sailing in Spanish waters.

Day 1: Roses to La Escala

Set sail soutward, crossing the bay of Roses, towards La Escala. Leave the village of La Escala portside, and go on till Medes islands. On the way you will see one of the most beautiful creeks of northern Costa Brava : Cala Montgo. Anchor there and enjoy swimming and sunbathing.Have lunch either on board or in one of the pleasant beach restaurants of the creek. After lunch, departure to the steep coast of Montgri mountain massif, which compose, with the Medes islands, the natural park of Montgri Massif - Medes Islansd. You will discover huge rock formations and small coves, only accessible from the sea. The Medes islands are famous for their seabed and diving spots. Then sail south to Cap Negre, close to Begur. After the village of Begur, head southward to one of the nicest creeks of this area, Aiguablava, an excellent mooring for the night.

Day 2: Aiquablava to Palamos

Leave Aiquablava early morning and sail along the coast till Castell beach and its crystal clear waters. After lunch, after a short sailing, you'll reach Palamos. Palamos is a fishing port, where there's still a large fleet of trawlers, fishing the famous Palamos prawns. Take this opportunity to taste the best prawns in the Catalan coast. There are many restaurant downtown, not far from the fishing port.

Day 3: Palamos to Blanes

You'll go out of Palamos and will cross the bay, southwest. After Playa de Aro on your starboard and San Feliu de Guixols. Keep on sailing till Garbi point. Continue till the bay of Tossa, where you'll moor for lunch. Then set sails to Blanes where you'll spend the night. In the afternoon visit Blanes historical center or its botanic garden.

Day 4: Blanes to Cala Sant Pol de Mar

Blanes is located at the very south of Costa Brava. You'll sail to the north east to moor in the nice creek of Giberola. In the afternoon set sails to the bay of S'Agaro and Cala Sant Pol de Mar, a beautiful bay where you will moor for the night.

Day 5: Cala Sant Pol de Mar to L'Estartit

Day 5: Early morning, leave S'Agaro bay and start you day of sailing till the center of Costa Brava. After the cape of Begur, go to Cala Sa Tuna (Aiguafreda) where you can stop and have lunch. In the afternoon, departure to L'Estartit, where you will spend the night.

Day 6: L'Estartit to Cadaquès.

Day 6: In the morning, set sail to Cadaquès. Cross the bay of Roses till Cabo de Creus (Falconera point). After the point, head to cala Montjoi or la cala Pelosa. Cala Montjoi is famous for chef Ferran Adria's renowned restaurant « El Bulli ». It is said that it could reopen soon. Cala Pelosa offers a beach restaurant. In the middle of the afternoon, departure to the bay of Cadaquès. Explore this wonderful village. /font>

Day 7:Cadaquès to Cabo de Creus.

Early departure to Cabo de Creus. Cabo de Creus is the northern point of the Iberian Peninsula and is famous for its crystal clear waters and its spectacular creeks (La Guillola, Cala Culip, Cala Galladera,.). After Cabo de Creus, head to the creek on your route: Cala Culip, a wonderful mooring. You may of course choose cala Guillola. After a swim, leave cala Culip or Guillola bacl to Cabo de Creus and route to cape Norfeu. Before cape Norfeu, enter the bay of Joncols to moor in cala Joncol and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There you'll find a restaurant in the hotel del Chirinquito. The hotel offers a water taxi service (VHF = channel 13). After lunch and a last swim, set sail to Roses. We'll wait for you in the marina.

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