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Langkawi, Malaysia

Suggested 7 day Cruising Program

The Langkawi archipelago sits off Malaysia’s northwest coast, in the Andaman Sea. This cluster of islands offers plenty of protected anchorages in all wind and sea conditions, and their northern beaches and bays are among the finest in the world. Langkawi is a gorgeous cruising area, featuring high cliffs and hundreds of potential excursions. Swim in a freshwater lake, or visit the wildlife sanctuary to see sea eagles and monkeys. The islands of Langkawi will serve as your gateway to unspoiled paradise and an unforgettable sailing adventure.

Day 1: Departure from Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Depart from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and plan an early morning sail towards Pulau Payar.

Day 2: Pulau Payar

Pulau Payar is a heavenly marine park with a gorgeous coral reef. Snorkelers can meet fish of all kinds under these crystalline waters, and sunbathers can spend all day lounging on the sand.

Day 3: Langkawi and Porto Malai

Get an early start and sail around Langkawi, admiring the majestic landscapes as the sun moves across the sky. Come to Porto Malai in the afternoon and have a dinner on shore. Walk along the beach in the moonlight, or go dancing at Eagle Rock to end this perfect day.

Day 4: Danyang Bunting

After short sail, spend the day in Dayang Bunting, where you'll anchor overnight at Pulau Gubang Darat. Plan an excursion to the largest freshwater lake on Langkawi - the center of some very mysterious legends. After your short hike to the lake, you'll want to cool off in the refreshing waters.

Day 5: Mallet's Bay

Sail back to Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, where you'll say farewell to magical Malaysia - until next time!

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