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Seychelles Cruising program

Seychelles Power Charter 7 day Program

A thousand miles east of Africa in the Indian Ocean, you'll enjoy more natural sanctuaries and maritime parks than in any other islands in the world. No island chain offers more beaches, the island of Mahé alone boasts no fewer than 68. The vibrant coral reefs of St. Anne and Petite Anse blossom in crystal-clear waters. Snorkeling in Vallée de Mai, you'll understand why it's been called the Garden of Eden. At Silhouette, an imposing granite island rises steeply from its beaches to three high peaks. Giant tortoises plod through the inland habitat. The Seychellois people are a unique blend of French, English, African and Indian influences, make visitors to this exotic place feel just as enriched.

Day 1– Eden Marina to St. Anne Marine Park

Your first day of sailing takes you from the luxurious yachting facilities of our base at Eden Marina to St. Anne Marine Park. You’ll skirt the southwestern coast of Ile au Cerf as you head for the dazzling turquoise waters and colourful reefs of St. Anne Marine Park. Explore the largest area of seagrass meadows in the granitic islands and keep your eyes peeled for green turtles, hawksbill turtles and bottlenose dolphins cruising in the water.

Day 2– St. Anne Marine Park to Anse Lazio

Point your bow north and enjoy a few hours of exhilarating open-water sailing. You’re headed toward Anse Lazio on the northwest of Praslin Island. Nestled in the heart of a large turquoise bay and crowned by powder fine white sand, Anse Lazio has been consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. Relax on the stunning sand or snorkel with turtles around the rocks at either end of the beach.

Day 3– Anse Lazio to Curieuse Island/Anse Volbert

Today you’ll sail east along Praslin’s northern coast for Anse Volbert, stopping along the way at Curieuse Island. This designated marine national park is one of only two places in the world where you’ll find the intriguing coco de mer palm. Set aside some time to explore the large hawksbill turtle rookery on the island.

Day 4– Curieuse Island/Anse Volbert to Baie St. Anne

Continue east along Praslin’s coast, passing stunningly beautiful and secluded Anse La Blague, one of the longest beaches on Praslin. You’ll follow the gentle curve of the coast and turn east into Baie St. Anne, a lovely bay crowned by a sleepy little town of the same name spread attractively along the waterfront. The town is filled with shops, restaurants and bars, as well as the scenic Anse Madge beach, an ideal place to relax.

Day 5– Baie St. Anne to La Passe, La Digue

Today you’ll head away from Praslin, past the tiny island of Ile Ronde out into the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, heading for little La Passe on the island of La Digue. With just a handful of souvenir shops dotting the jetty and no cars to contend with, tiny, charming La Passe feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

Day 6– La Passe, La Digue to Beau Vallon, Mahé

From the sublime splendour of La Digue, you’ll enjoy four hours of blue water sailing as you head back to beautiful Mahé. Point your bow in the direction of Beau Vallon, on Mahé’s northwest coast. Low key and quiet, Beau Vallon still offers an array of facilities and is known for its diving and snorkelling, thanks to its clear waters and coral reefs.

Day 7– Beau Vallon to Eden Marina

On the last day of your Mahé bareboat sailing holiday you’ll head out from Beau Vallon and return to our base at Eden Marina. Head north, hugging Mahé’s stunning coastline, past lush greenery, towering granite rocks and shimmering strips of white sand. Use any time you have remaining to explore the private beaches and shopping plaza at Eden Marina.

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