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A Tonga sailing itinerary covers a cruising ground from Vava'u, the largest island of the Vava'u group, south for about 15 nautical miles and 15 nautical miles east to west (see Tonga maps). Within this area are numerous uninhabited wooded islands ringed with white-sand beaches and coral reefs ideal for snorkeling. Passages between some of the best anchorages in the South Pacific are typically short, with stops along the way to explore the islands, snorkel on the reefs, or simply anchor for a relaxing lunch in an unspoiled setting reminiscent of what the Pacific must have been like for Captain James Cook when he sailed Tongan waters in the mid-1700s.

Day 1– Neiafu, Vava'u to Port Maurelle, Kapa

Pick up your beautiful charter yacht at our base in the island village of Neiafu. Explore this traditional Tongan community before sailing into the South Pacific to your next destination. Cruise through the narrow inlet that shelters the marina at Neiafu and head south to the verdant island of Kapa. Anchor in the idyllic Port Maurelle Bay, where you’ll likely be the only visitors. Live out your castaway fantasies on the deserted beach, or snorkel the sapphire waters in search of Tonga’s diverse marine life.

Day 2– Port Maurelle to Tapana

Circle Kapa Island and head east, making a short island hop to nearby Tapana. This green and unspoilt island is the perfect place to overnight, with the islanders’ hospitality meaning you’ll likely be treated to a traditional Tongan feast when you land. The snorkelling here is excellent, while the nearby island of Nuku offers an ideal spot for a day trip.

Day 3– Tapana to Mounu

Pick your way southwest from Tapana past the jewel-like islands of this idyllic region. Detour via remote Fonua’one’one for a day trip to an unspoilt South Pacific paradise, or press on to Mounu where you’ll find the luxuries of a modern holiday resort. Lounge on this beach-fringed isle, snorkel in the life-rich ocean or try your hand at kitesurfing the strong winds that stir the waters around Mounu.

Day 4– Mounu to Lape

A short sail northwest of Mounu you’ll find the friendly island of Lape. The islanders here welcome visitors with a traditional Tongan feast, usually culminating in singing, dancing and performing. Great for snorkelling, if you’re lucky you might see humpback whales swimming in the waters around Lape. The nearby island of Vaka’eitu and the village of Matamaka on Nuapapu mean you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to day trips.

Day 5– Lape to Hunga Lagoon, Hunga

Cruise out from the sheltering embrace of Nuapapu Island, away from Lape and west towards Hunga. Hunga is actually a sunken volcano, its crater long since flooded and transformed into a picturesque lagoon. You can motor in the lagoon itself, anchoring at the northern end to overnight in this magical place. Fish the waters around Hunga for billfish, mahi-mahi, tuna and other game fish species.

Day 6– Hunga to Lotuma

Cruise back into Vava’u’s Vaipua inlet, heading north until the tiny islet of Lotuma comes into view. The perfect place to spend your last night in Tonga, Lotuma is home to a beachside resort where you can dine on fresh seafood and sip refreshing cocktails as the setting sun paints the ocean with fire.

Day 7– Lotuma to Neiafu, Vava'u

Make the short journey north from Lotuma to the charming village of Neiafu. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast before returning in time for morning check in, and spend the afternoon on shore drinking in the laid-back island atmosphere of blissful Vava’u.

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