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Plan a Grenada sailing itinerary that's full of unforgettable experiences including windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving in Grenada's turquoise waters. Onshore, this rolling mountainous island is dotted with world famous white and black sand beaches, crater lakes, rainforest and nutmeg plantations that the (spice) island is best known for Grenada's rum distillery tours are also a must for any seafaring sailor


Day 1: Arrive at Port Luis Marina

There is no better place to start your Grenada yacht charter than from Port Louis Marina, located in a natural lagoon opposite the island's charming capital, St. George's. A range of shoreside amenities are available to kick start your vacation in true Caribbean style. Port Louis is the yachting capital of Grenada, and an excellent base from which to explore both the island itself and the spectacular Grenadines just a few miles to the north. Port Louis Marina lies in the lagoon just across from all the local amenities of the islands vibrant capital, St. George's. Home to many bars, restaurants, shops and a market, St. George's draws people from all over the island.

With so many rich spices grown on this "Spice Island", it's no surprise that they are used heavily in the island's dishes. Creole cuisine blends with classic West Indian flavors to create the local specialities. International tastes are also catered to. Many of the restaurants have harbor and ocean views, creating a fantastic al fresco experience.

Carib Beer and Westerhall rum are the local brews and are widely available on Grenada. Unsurprisingly the sea is central to many of the local activities available. Five of the best white sand beaches on the island are all within a 10-minute dinghy ride.

The diving is unspoiled by crowds and many reefs, wrecks and coral walls are waiting to be explored. Fishing is very popular with marlin and tuna among the catches on offer. No visitor to the island should leave without a visit to the waterfalls of the tropical rainforest and the volcanic crater lake of the Grand Etang Forest Reserve.

Port Louis Marina offers first class facilities with a restaurant, bar, duty-free shopping on site, as well as a swimming pool and internet access.

Mooring: Marina
Things to do: Eat and drink at the marina or in to St. George's, Shop, Explore the beaches, Sorkel
Facilities: Everything a charterer could need including showers, toilets, restaurants, bars, laundry, fuel, water, electricity, wireless internet, customs and immigration clearances in and out can be handled at the yacht club.

Day 2: Petite Martinique

Petite Martinique is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Windward Isles, belonging to the tri-island state of Grenada. The perfect location for an unspoilt yacht charter, Petite Martinique is quiet, tranquil and a unique, cultural destination. Petite Martinique is the smaller sister island of Carriacou, lying just 3 miles east of the north end. It is about a mile in diameter and looks like a mountainous pyramid rising out of the ocean. The Caribbean Sea laps the shores on the western side and the dramatic Atlantic swell breaks on the eastern coast. Petite Martinique contains a population of less than 1,000. Most of the inhabitants are of both African and European descent, blending together a rich Afro-European culture. There is also a strong fishing community here, and much of their fish is sold to mainland Grenada, and also to the French island of Martinique.
This island is a step back in time and taking it easy is the order of the day. Petite Martinique is a great spot to stop for lunch and a swim, but many people will hop less than a quarter of a mile away and anchor in the safer waters of Petit St. Vincent.

A popular restaurant on Petite Martinique is the Palm Beach Restaurant & Bar, situated right on the beach. Catering for al fresco dining guests, you'll enjoy quiet and secluded dining cabanas that offer an intimate dining experience. From the beach you'll see beautiful panoramic views of the neighboring Grenadine Islands. Best of all, a free taxi service for diners is provided from Petit St.Vincent, alleviating the need to choose a designated dinghy driver.

Mooring: Anchorage is on its northwest side, If anchoring off Petite Martinique you will need to be more than 200m from the beach, Anchoring is available off of Petit St. Vincent
Things to do: Swim, Snorkel, Visit Palm Beach Restaurant & Bar

Day 3: Clifton Harbour

A yacht charter to Clifton Harbor will take you to paradise. Union Island is proud of its stunning beaches, welcoming locals, bustling town and choice of activities to suit every need. Located on the eastern coast, Clifton Harbor is just a few miles from Tobago Cays, Mayreau and Petit St. Vincent.

Clifton Harbor is the main town on Union Island and a very popular stopover for sailors on yacht charters from Grenada. The list of things to do is endless, from a hike up Mount Taboi to a gentle meander around Clifton's vibrant open air market. Discover one of the 32 diving sites in the area or just snorkel around the pristine reefs near Clifton Harbor. With so many beaches to choose from and each one as beautiful as the next, selecting the perfect strip of sand maybe one of your hardest decisions. The restaurants cater for all tastes, but Union Island is particularly famous for its mouthwatering lobster and conch dish.

Caribbean rum punches (or virgin punches for the kids) are made by true professionals here, in the many local bars. Take time to try these out while sitting on the beach, taking in the vista and watching Union Island life go by. Listen to the steel bands playing authentic West Indian music and feel your feet tapping to the beat.

Mooring: Either at a restaurant mooring buoy or at anchor
Things to do: Explore Clifton town, Go to Castello Art Center - a combination art gallery, boutique and bar all set in a beautiful tropical garden, Trek around the island, Rent bikes or scooters to explore the rest of the island
Facilities: Provisioning - Water - Fuel - Internet - Banking - Laundry

Day 4: Tobago Cays National Sea Park

A yacht charter to the Windward Islands has to include the legendary Tobago Cays. This place has to be seen to be believed, and is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. The five deserted isles are jewels of the Tobago Cays National Sea Park and one of the premier snorkeling and diving spots within the Grenadines.

The Tobago Cays are located in the Grenadines chain of islands, in the southernmost waters of the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Four of the Cays, Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Jamesby and Baradel, are enclosed within the aptly named Horseshoe Reef. The fifth cay, Petit Tabac, lies just to the east of the main group.

Surrounding the islands are a series of reefs and shallows, including Egg Reef and Worlds End Reef on the eastern side, and Mayreu Gardens to the west. The Horseshoe Reef is teeming with coral and tropical fish of every kind. Known as a snorkelers paradise, the water depth here averages 5 to 7 feet. Under the bright sunshine and the crystal clear waters, the bright colors provide the perfect conditions for observing marine life at its finest.

The afternoon sun that shines down on the white-sand bottom and clear water turns the entire area bright emerald; a spectacular sight. On calm days, it is possible to anchor your boat just inside the reef, leaving it as the only obstacle between you and Africa.

Each island is uninhabited and just waiting to be explored. Beautiful white sandy beaches make great places to sit back, have a picnic and enjoy the day. Beach vendors do flit between the islands selling t-shirts, jewelry and even freshly caught lobsters. In the evenings, as the sun sets, you may even come across a beach barbeque.

Mooring: Moorings are available for a fee and there are future plans to add more. Charterers may anchor in one of several locations; the anchorages north and south of Baradel are the most popular
Things to do:
Snorkel, Swim, Sunbathe, Relax in unspoiled beauty, Observe the sea turtles at the sea turtle-watching area on Baradel, Contact one of the local dive companies to go scuba diving (diving on your own isn't permitted), Line up a vendor for a beach barbecue (beach barbecues are regulated to protect the park)
Facilities: Entrepreneurial owners of small local boats often ply the anchorages, selling sundry items like ice, bread, and lobsters

Day 5: Chatham Bay

Chatham Bay is a beautiful deserted anchorage on the west side of Grenada. A yacht charter to Chatham Bay will bring you to a Robinson Crusoe style beach that you might be lucky enough to have all to yourselves. Chatham Bay is one of the best kept treasures of the Grenadines. Just a short hop from Clifton Harbour, it makes an ideal lunchtime stop where the order of the day is tranquility and relaxation. The Bay is surrounded by a backdrop of rolling hills that help keep this area calm and protected.

This lovely crescent beach of golden sand is virtually deserted. During high season, however, there is a small amount of activity well worth observing. The locals host a beach barbeque at a small snack bar on the beach. Don't worry about having to find them to place an order, as they will be sure to find you. Bookings and dinner orders are taken by one of the locals who will come out to your yacht by motorboat.

This is the type of experience that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends for years to come.

Mooring: Anchor close to the beach
Things to do: Relax, Swim, Relax

Day 6: Carriacou Island

A stunning paradise awaits snorkelers and divers on a yacht charter to Carriacou, which is home to some of the Caribbeans most pristine reefs, and all are waiting to be discovered. This is an island rich in its traditions, proud of its folklores and ever-welcoming to the passing sailor

A Carriacou yacht charter will take you on a truly authentic experience. Discover an island that sailors return to year after year. With endless sheltered anchorages, an ideal year-round climate and beautiful cruising grounds, Carriacou is a Caribbean gem worth visiting. The welcome received on the island by all guests is truly charming, and makes this a memorable destination.

The emphasis is definitely on liveliness and joie de vivre, with this being the hotspot for festivals and celebrations. The island is teeming with rich culture and fascinating traditions that bring the locals out in full color and splendor throughout the year. The Carriacou Carnival in February is one of the island's highlights with a hive of activity going on. Another favorite is the Carriacou Regatta at the end of July, with a whole host of sailing activities and shore based events.

If it's tranquility that you're seeking; then head for Anse La Roche, the island's most scenic beach with beautiful coral reefs right offshore for you to explore. It's a private and unspoilt beach where you can rest your dancing limbs and get back to a slower pace of Carriacou life. Don't leave the island without a visit to one of the island's authentic rum distilleries.

Mooring: At anchor
Things to do: Join in an island celebration, Visit the museum, Hike or bike inland, Relax on the beach

Day 7: Return to Port Louis and Explore St. Georges

This capital city is an absolute gem, and a must-see on your yacht charter itinerary. St. George's is an excellent place for sight-seeing. The old fort still overlooks the harbor and the historic town is abundant with shops and wonderful dining opportunities. St. Georges is widely held to be the loveliest city in the Caribbean.

Grenada is a three island nation including Carriacou and Petite Martinique in the Grenadine chain of islands. The main island Grenada, a former British Colony, offers charming architecture, 300 year old churches and narrow, quaint streets. Fort George and Fort Frederick date back to the 18th century, and are an impressive sight overlooking the harbour.

St. George's is full of colonial buildings, crowned by orange fish scale tiles that mingle between multi-colored homes along an emerald green backdrop. Stroll along the narrow streets, perusing the shops and taking in the amazing aromas drifting from the many great restaurants and bars.

Stop by Bay Gardens and marvel at over 3,000 species of Caribbean plants. The Carenage along the inner harbor is perfect for a scenic waterfront walk and on Saturdays, the place to be is St. George's Market Square. Other sight seeing opportunities in St. George's are the Grenada National Museum, or the Houses of Parliament. The hiking is also one of the best in Grenada with a great trail leading to Mount Maitland in the Grand Etang Forest. The view from the top is outstanding. To the south, Grand Anse offers 2 miles of sandy beach with excellent dining and nightlife, easily reachable by dinghy. This beach is a favorite with visitors and is heavily featured in advertisements around the island. As the beach is on the western side of the island, it is usually well-sheltered and calm. There are a whole host of watersports to choose from as well as scuba diving shops for those that want to stock up on some new gear. There is a local vendors market just a short walk away from the floating dock, which is a great place to purchase local crafts and souvenirs.

Mooring: Marina
Things to do: Explore the history of the island, Hike to Mount Maitland, Swim and snorkel off Grande Anse Beach
Facilities: Everything a charterer could need including showers, toilets, restaurants, bars, laundry, fuel, water, electricity, wireless internet, customs and immigration clearances in and out can be handled at the yacht club.

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