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Day 1: Marquesas Keys

As you depart the marina you will be turning to starboard. Carefully follow the day markers out through the channel. Your course will take you through West channel staying south of Man Key, Woman Key, and Boca Grande. Approaching the southern tip of the Marquesas Keys, the best anchorage is west of the islands if the prevailing southeast winds are blowing. You can anchor anywhere around the island depending on the wind. Watch the depths carefully as you are approaching the islands.
Distance: 20 miles.

Day 2: Garden Key

Depart the Marquesas in the morning and continue your westerly course, staying south of the Quicksands, Halfmoon and Rebecca Shoals. Track your position carefully as there is a strong north/south current running through the area. Plot your course past the Yellow "O" marker and leave the Red "2" (south and east of Garden Key) to starboard. Cross Southeast Channel using the Green "3" (between Bush and Hospital Key) as your landmark, leaving it to port turn toward the Red "2" and Green "3" (just north of Garden Key). Motor carefully through the channel between Garden and Bush Keys and your anchorage is just south and east of Garden Key. This anchorage is often full and the water shallows quickly as you approach the boundaries. You can also find anchorages southwest and west of Garden Key.
45 miles

Day 3: Fort Jefferson

Dinghy ashore and explore Fort Jefferson. Be sure not to leave your dinghy on the beach where the daily sea planes take off and land. Also take a walk or snorkel around the sea wall which creates a "moat" between the fort and the sea, and is brimming with fish .

Day 4: Loggerhead Key

Take a day trip over to Loggerhead Key. This is a great place to explore and go snorkeling but it does NOT make a good overnight anchorage. You can exit the anchorage at Garden Key either the same way you came in or go out through the channel which is southwest of Garden Key. The anchorage at Loggerhead is east of the island just off the light in the center. From here you can dinghy ashore and walk around the island or dinghy around the southern tip to the reefs off the western side of Loggerhead Key. Before dark, head back over to Garden Key to anchor for the evening. Use both anchors as the holding ground is "iffy".

Day 5: Dry Tortugas

Spend another day relaxing and enjoying the Dry Tortugas. Bush Key is protected bird Sanctuary and during nesting season it is interesting to dinghy slowly around the island Observing the bird life ashore and all the sea life in the shallow water.

Day 6: Back to Key West

It is time to start back to Key West today. Plan on making a stop again at the Marquesas on the way back especially during the winter time when there are limited day light hours. If you make an early start and are making excellent time, you may be able to make it back to Key West. Be sure you can make it to Key West with day light to spare.

Day 7: Key West

If you stopped in the Marquesas yesterday, continue on to Key West today. You should be able to get in early if you want to have some time to explore Key West. Pull into the fuel dock at Oceanside Marina, fuel up and pump out before docking.

Day 8: Key West

Your boat is due back today at 10 a.m. Please make sure to bundle your linens, remove trash (trash containers are located at the beginning of the dock), top off the fuel tank and pump out, if you haven'. Please see the charter manager before departing the marina.

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